Christian Service Brigade offers a variety of ministries for boys of all ages. Brigade works best when dads and/or committed Christian men are serving the boys, introducing them to Christ and mentoring them to become men of God.


Stockade provides an opportunity for Christian men to spend time and mentor boys in grades 3-6. Along with fun and games, boys participate in activities that involve exciting growth experiences: physically, mentally, socially and spiritually.

A Ministry to Boys, Ages 8 to 11

Stockade provides a weekly opportunity for Christian men to invest their lives in boys who are in grades 3-6, ages 8 to 11. It’s an action-packed ministry of regular meetings and special activities, and gives men the opportunity to contact boys in their homes.

As Christian men, Stockade leaders are trying to:

* Guide boys to the Lord
* Guide boys to the Word of God
* Guide boys to Christian maturity
* Guide boys to the local church

The Weekly Meeting

The weekly meeting is a time of games, stories, achievements and a regular challenge from the Word of God. Click here for a more detailed description of what happens during a weekly meeting.


An integral part of Stockade is camp. Brigade runs camps across North America. These camps provide you with an excellent opportunity to spend quality time with your boys. Just some of the activities available are: archery, horseback riding, crafts, swimming, boating, Bible studies, campfires and food. Click here to find out more about the Brigade camp near you.

Shape N Race

For many Stockades, the Shape N Race derby is the big event of the year. Boys make their own cars and then race them. Click here to go to the Shape N Race page.

Regional Events

Many regions conduct special events and try to bring together the other Stockades in the area. These include camping trips, sporting events and other fun activities.

Super Achievers

We honor boys who’ve completed all eight Blockhouses or all eight Stations. If you have a Super Achiever in your Stockade, send his name and a picture, the name of the church, and the city and state where the church is located. Be sure to tell us if he earned Blockhouses or Stations. Send it to:
Super Achievers
P.O. Box 150
Wheaton, IL 60189.

If you are interested in finding a Stockade near you, contact our office in Wheaton or, our Staff Representative in your area from our staff list.

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