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The highest award in Battalion is the Herald of Christ. The boys who earn this award are mentored through an intense period of service and study. Many past Heralds have gone on to become pastors, missionaries, full-time Christian leaders and influential businessmen.

Ethan Reyle, Herald of Christ 747
April 29, 2015 at CSB Battalion 7758
Cornerstone Presbyterian Church, Landenberg, PA

Ethan Reyle has grown up in the CSB programs at 7758, Cornerstone Presbyterian, Landenberg, PA. Starting with Tree Climbers, and Stockade, where he finished all 16 Blockhouses and Stations.  Ethan has been a battalion noncom, attending Leadership Advance Conferences, and now finished as Battalion Sergeant in his senior year.  Ethan had the involvement of his father Walt for many of those years, which was a discipleship experience for both of them. This past summer I had the privilege of working at Camp of the Woods (COTW) where I was an assistant teacher to the fifth grade class, and I firmly believed God used this experience to show me what he has in mind for my future. So each day I helped teach fifth graders about the love of Christ and we played games together… I count my summer a true blessing to have worked with over a hundred kids and guide them towards the Lord. Now when people or schools ask me what my major is I tell them elementary education and I smile. I would say is my favorite verse and the most meaningful verse to me in the Bible is John 15:13, “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man may lay down his life for his friends.” This always reminds me of the greatest love God has shown to me through the sacrifice of Christ and that my charge is to lay down my life for others. There is so much of life that can be laid down for others. Such as time, service, effort, etc.

Walt Reyle, Herald of Christ for Men
April 29, 2015 at CSB Battalion 7758
Cornerstone Presbyterian Church, Landenberg, PA

A few years after Cornerstone started, an experienced Brigade leader was led to start a CSB unit. Remembering my experience with Brigade, I jumped at the chance to help. What a blessing it has been to work with my sons and many other boys and young men in Tree Climbers, Stockade and particularly Battalion. Being a mentor to my sons in Battalion has been particularly rewarding, using the questions to start good conversations about our Christian faith and my experiences. In fifteen years our program produced three young man and two adult Heralds of Christ so when my youngest son finished the Leadership Trails book it was natural for him to go for the Herald of Christ. I knew it would be a challenge with my busy schedule to do it with him; but I felt compelled. It has been, and continues to be, quite the adventure. There are times when it goes smoothly and other times when I think I’ll never get there; but the experience is rewarding in itself because spending time in the Bible, memorizing verses, studying doctrine, serving others and reviewing God’s work in your life are always good things.

Stephen Gahman Herald of Christ 743
September 15, 2013 at CSB Battalion 306
Cedar Crest Bible Fellowship Ch., Allentown, PA

“I had always desired to grow in my relationship with God - some times more than others - but it was not until I entered Battalion that I discovered a burning passion within me to truly know and experience God.”
I then decided to be baptized, and I publicly proclaimed my faith in Jesus Christ.  “Christ is working in several ways in my life today, the most prevalent of which involves my attitude toward other...(after an incident on a public high school sports team), I no longer looked on them condescendingly as “hopelessly lost souls”, but as fellow humans who have the same struggles, and are in need of Jesus Christ just as I am. I believe that I was very fortunate to learn this lesson early in my life, otherwise it would have inevitably damaged my testimony, as well as the effectiveness my future community/ministry projects. To sum up, God used a sin in my life to show me that I would be just as “bad” as the next guy, had not Christ intervened very early on in my life. It was a very humbling experience, to say the least.

My trip to Bolivia changed my entire mindset toward missions. I had always enjoyed local outreach such as VBS at church and Light in the Park, but I could never really envision myself as an overseas missionary. Never, that is, until Bolivia. I entered the trip with low expectations, meaning that I thought I would affirm my suspicions that I was not cut out to be an overseas missionary. However, by the end of
the trip I didn’t want to leave. I loved every second of it. I truly felt like I was fulfilling a purpose
on that trip, that I was living for something far greater than myself.

I am not certain where this will lead my future; there will definitely be constant prayer on the subject. An idea that has entered my mind is to obtain a degree in Mechanical Engineering, as I had intended, then use
that degree as a platform for ministry overseas.

Peter Willis, Herald of Christ 742
June 13, 2013 at CSB Battalion 555
Forcey Bible Church, Silver spring, MD

The first night Peter went to Battalion in May 2007 as a sixth grader, he started his Observer book. He completed the Observer and Explorer books in three weeks and was awarded his patches at the June 2007 banquet. From early on, he had a plan to complete all the books and finish the Herald of Christ program. Not only was Peter heavily involved with the achievement side of Battalion, but he was fully invested in the camping trips as well. He only missed a few trips in all of his 6 years. His favorite camping trips include the canoeing trips, backpacking trips, and, of course, the shooting trip. Peter rose through the ranks of Battalion from a lance corporal to sergeant. He has learned important lessons by being a leader. There have been many people who have influenced Peter’s life in Battalion, especially Eric Nelson who mentored him from Observer through Three Star.

Peter plans to stay away from Battalion for a year to give the other non-coms their space to run Battalion (although he may go on some camping trips). Peter would like the sixth graders to know that you get out what you put in to Battalion. If you spend time in the achievement book, go on camping trips, and join the leadership ranks, then you will get the full experience. If you put time and energy into Battalion, you will grow closer to the Lord.

“I can take my faith and let Him change me and others around me. I am thankful for the Herald of Christ program as well as every other event that brought me closer to Christ.”

Mark Shoger, Herald of Christ for Men
June 13, 2013 at CSB Battalion 555
Forcey Bible Church, Silver Spring, MD

“The pursuit of the Herald of Christ isn’t about getting a pin and a certificate, but about deepening my relationship with Jesus and becoming more of a Great Commission Christian. God has opened my eyes and sincerely blessed me during this process… My reasons for wanting to complete this were twofold, first a desire to complete this as I was not able to do so as a brigadier when I was younger, and second to grow in my knowledge of the Bible, closer to my Savior and in my service of others.”

Mark used service as a Deacon to his church to fulfill the Ministry requirement. “Our deacons are an extension of the pastoral ministry and are charged with getting to know the members of the church and ensuring that they have assistance when in a time of need.” Currently I also serve as the secretary of the Deacons.

Community Project: He used his service as Commissioner and Coach with Upward Basketball for this requirement. Commissioner for Girls Levels 1 & 2 (1st & 2nd grade girls and 3rd & 4th grade girls) included coaching teams and assisting on my kids team.  “I greatly enjoy building relationships with the players and ministering to their families as well.”

“I am thankful to God for the growth I’ve experienced during this process and for the changes it’s reflecting in my walk and in my life.”

Mark is currently involved at CSB Battalion 555, Forcey Bible Church, Silver Spring, MD.  Lieutenant Shoger grew up participating in Stockade and half a year of Battalion before moving away from a CSB participating church. As an adult, he has participated in several CSB units as a Tree Climber Dad, Stockade Ranger and now Battalion Lieutenant with his sons Alec and Josiah. He has attended and led at Camp Kaskitowa in Michigan and at Hemlock Wilderness Brigade Camp in West Virginia.

Joshua Spangler, Herald of Christ 741
April 24, 2013 at CSB Battalion 7758
Cornerstone Presbyterian, Kemblesville, PA

My senior year of high school has been long and full of surprises and events that I could not see coming.  It’s clear that God has been actively working in my life this year.  I go to a Christian school, and many of my classmates this year have chosen the path they will take, whether that’s following the world or following Christ.  I’ve perceived that this senior year with all its pressures, deadlines and anxieties is a test of faith in my own life as well as the lives of my peers.

God has also taught me the importance of personal responsibility.  In order to push through this senior year I’ve had to be driven to complete all the responsibilities entrusted to me.  No one pushed me to finish my schoolwork, work in Battalion as a senior leader, or finish all the requirements for this internship.  God gave me the ability to complete these tasks; I followed his leading and succeeded in many of these areas. 

One of the things I have learned from Christian Service Brigade is that there is a desperate need for male leadership in our society.  I will strive to always be a leader anywhere I go.  Brigade and Cornerstone have prepared me for many years to take this step.  Herald of Christ has helped me develop good habits of writing out my tasks, reading and meditating on the Word, and listening to God’s will for my life.  It has also enabled me to be comfortable branching out into different ministries I previously avoided.  God has promised that wherever I go, I go with the power of the Spirit.

Thank you to Christian Service Brigade for this huge challenge in my faith.  I won’t forget these lessons or experiences.  God has revealed himself to me through this internship.


Josiah (Joey) Grimm Herald of Christ 740, presented on Dec. 30, 2012, at CSB 306 Cedar Crest Bible Fellowship Church, Allentown, PA.

In his written testimony, Joey says, “It was during my first years in Christian Service Brigade, which I began attending in seventh grade, that I really began to grow in my walk with the Lord. Through our church’s mentorship program, I was paired with multiple godly men over my six years in the program who helped guide me in my spiritual life. It was also through a spiritual life study that I did with my youth pastor that I gained a much deeper understanding of what Christ’s death on the cross meant. As I continue through college, I will look back at this time in Christian Service Brigade as the point where my spiritual walk grew the most and set me on the path that I am on today.”

He is currently a student at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA.  For his Herald of Christ Ministry Project, Joey served as a Prayer Leader, “responsible for the spiritual well being of a small group of guys on his residence hall, making sure that every student is loved, every student is prayed for daily, every student is prayed with weekly, and every student is personally discipled.” Joey also has a weekly accountability meeting with his assigned RA, who acts as an overseer, accountability partner, and spiritual leader.

“I daily acknowledge that I am not able to carry out the role of a student leader on my own, for I am neither worthy nor qualified to really lead a group of young men in their spiritual journey. However, by giving all of it over to the Lord, I know that He can use my service and ministry to have an impact on eternity.”

“For the Community Service portion of my Herald of Christ project, I served as a volunteer working with kids in an inner-city area on Saturday mornings. We build relationships with these families by interacting with their kids at the nearest local park, just playing basketball with them or playing with them on the playground. Usually we spend about an hour with the group of kids, and afterwards we break off into smaller groups where we try to explain a Bible story to them and present the gospel to them. We believe that by building relationships with the kids, we can have a lasting impact on the community and continue to open doors for the gospel.”


In the photo, Tim is on the left, Jeremy on the right.

Timothy Willis received the Herald of Christ on June 2, 2011 at CSB 555 Forcey Bible Church, Silver Spring, MD.  He was on the leadership team for this battalion for four years, including three years as a corporal.  Tim says, “Leading a Squad involves preparing devotionals, praying for guys, building relationships with potential leaders, leading activity times and Council Rings, and hopefully leading by example.” Tim’s volunteer service project was serving the local YMCA, where he was given tasks like cleaning.  He talked with some of the co-workers and volunteer coordinator and followed up on the conversations in following weeks, all the while praying for these individuals.  “I learned that even at community service I can be a light and a witness.” Tim also learned to communicate cross culturally with a Burmese population in his ministry project, teaching for eight weeks of the summer internship with Children’s Bible Mission in the Howard County, MD area.  “Battalion has been a huge part of my life in the past 5 years, with many of my friends being here, and I’ve had opportunities to learn to lead.”

Jeremy Carkhuff received the Herald of Christ on June 2, 2011 at CSB 555 Forcey Bible Church, Silver Spring, MD, and was also recognized at the CSB Battalion N-Counter 2011.  Jeremy was a graduating senior and sergeant of CSB Battalion 555.  He was involved in battalion for 7 years and spent several summers on the junior staff at Hemlock Wilderness Brigade Camp.  for his ministry project Jeremy assisted in teaching a Sunday School Class for 4th-6th grade boys for a semester.  Jeremy writes in his testimony, “When I ask God, in what way do you want me to serve you today?  Most often I’ve seen Him working on my attitude towards my family, toward the world, seeing the lost as an opportunity to serve.  But long term I believe God is leading me into missions.”

Congratulations to David Ephraim, Dix Hills Evangelical Free Church unit 3560, for completing his Herald of Christ.


Congratulations to David in setting an example in service and leadership and in fulfilling all of the requirements to be recognized as a CSB Herald of Christ!

Jinks, Barrow and Carkhuff

Robert Jinks - Rob entered Battalion 555 in 2003 having already completed Builder Trails, Sentinel Trails, Observer and Explorer during his time in Stockade at another church, Chantilly Bible Church, 7280.  He jumped right into Trailblazer.  Having the privilege of SALT training at Camp Hemlock in summer of 2004, he completed Guide later that year.  Rob served as Sergeant of Battalion 555 in 2007-2008, and will be a SALT leader and Assistant Program Director at Camp Hemlock, Wardensville, WV, in 2009.

Sam Barrow - Lt. Sam started working with Battalion 555 in the fall of 2004.  Previously he had worked with the 5th and 6th grade Sentinels in Stockade.  Mentoring Battalion young men, providing them with godly guidance and direction has been a huge part of Lt. Sam’s life for every year since then.  Many have seen his growth in a walk with God as he studied through the Herald of Christ for Men program.  Sam is also the current president of the Hemlock Wilderness Brigade Camp Association, and the Capital Region CSB. Over the years he has spent countless weekends working at Camp Hemlock and many weeks helping with summer camp programs.

Timothy Carkhuff - Tim entered Battalion 555 in April 2002 completing Observer the same month.  Tim quickly worked his way through Explorer then had the opportunity of doing the SALT program at Camp Hemlock in 2003.  He worked through both Adventure Trials and Leadership Trails as a noncom, finishing both in 2007.  Tim’s internship for Herald of Christ was done in 2008.  He has recently completed his first year at Pensacola Christian College where he is studying for youth ministry.

Benjamin B. Trimble - HOC #725
Allegheny Center Alliance Church

Benjamin Trimble

Benjamin B. Trimble of Allegheny Center Alliance Church (#2760) in Pittsburgh, PA received the ultimate achievement award in CSB, the “Herald of Christ” on Saturday, October 25, 2008. Benjamin’s church provided the following certificate to honor his achievement..

Matthew Cameron - HOC #724
Dix Hills Evangelical Free Church

Matthew Cameron

Congratulations to Matthew in setting an example in service and leadership and in fulfilling all of the requirements to be recognized as a CSB Herald of Christ!